3 Tips For Honoring Your Relationship With Your Grandparents At Your Wedding


If you’re going to be getting married soon, you’re likely thinking about how you can celebrate your nuptials with all of your loved ones. And for the people who’ve seen you grow up and become the person that you are today, seeing you find someone to be your partner throughout the rest of your life is exciting for them just as it is for you. But while the wedding day might be mainly about you, you may feel like you want to do something to show your love and appreciation for those who helped you get to this point, like your grandparents.

If this is something that you’ve been thinking about, here are three tips for honoring your relationships with your grandparents at your wedding. 

Wear Something Of Theirs

Whether your grandparents are still alive, can’t make it to the wedding due to being in assisted living, or have already passed, one great way to honor them and keep them in your memory throughout the festivities is to wear something of theirs

You can make this item as big or as small as you’d like. If they had something that you always loved to see them wear, try to incorporate this into what you wear that day. Or, if you want an extra piece of jewelry or something decorative that was or is theirs, try to find a way that you can wear this item or use this piece as part of your own styling. 

Give Them A Role In The Ceremony

For grandparents that are still alive and planning to be at your wedding celebration, something you can do to help them feel involved and like they are playing a big role in your big day is to actually give them something to do in the ceremony. 

For more fun-loving grandparents, asking them to be the flower girls or ring bearer could be a great option. You can also ask them to be in your wedding party, to do something special during the ceremony, or even to just help you get ready before all of the festivities start. 

Play Music They’ll Love

During the reception after your wedding ceremony, your grandparents might find it hard to dance to some of the more modern music that you’ve chosen. So as a way to help them feel more comfortable, consider playing some of their favorite songs from when they were younger. 

Another option with your music is to find out what their wedding song was and consider using that for your wedding song, too. This can be a great way to show them how much you care and honor them by sharing that you hope your marriage to be like theirs. 

If you want your grandparents to play a big role in your wedding, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you see how this can be done. 

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