Find The Wedding Ceremony Location – 9 Unique Ceremony Site Ideas


For couples selecting to carry their marriage ceremony in their own host to worship or those of their own families, the right place to exchange vows is really a non-decision. Many reception sites also sport beautiful settings to hold a marriage ceremony, providing the wedding couple a handy alternative.

For other people though, the perfect ceremony location presents challenging, since unlike reception sites, sources for ceremony site ideas are frequently scarce. Thankfully, their list in our favorite ceremony sites will make sure the wedding ceremony is really as memorable as the reception.

Unique Ceremony Site Ideas


Supplying a attractive outside setting, parks are great locations for wedding events held during temperate several weeks. The abundance of natural scenery may even eliminate the requirement for pricey adornments!

Government Structures

Frequently magnificent architectural wonders, government structures are a good untapped source of memorable wedding events.


If your wedding event is going to be held near to a lake, make use of the ideal location and think about holding your ceremony around the banks from the water.

National Monuments

Possess some historic significance to your affair, and hold your ceremony near a nationwide monument.

Natural Wonders

Nothing signifies using the big leap into marriage that can compare with saying “I Actually Do” from the waterfall, high cliff or mountain top.

Botanical Gardens

Additionally to any or all the romance in mid-air, an outdoor marriage ceremony provides warm breezes, aromatic flowers along with a great relaxed vibe. Talk to your almanac and make sure the outdoors temperatures is going to be comfortable on your selected season.


Another frequently untapped resource of architectural prowess, museums provide distinctive backdrops for events (as well as an chance to understand something!)

Roof Deck or Roof Top

If you are near to a metropolitan area, think about the roof of among the tallest structures. This could alllow for stunning views and photo possibilities.

Family Member’s House or Yard

Possibly the right ceremony website is right in your backyard! Getting an outdoor ceremony adds a unique personal touch and helps to create a lower home feel. Because no two backyards are identical, additionally, it guarantees the wedding ceremony is going to be unlike every other.

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