Discovering Your Wedding Venue


If you are engaged to be married, you are in the midst of one of the happiest times of your life. We envy you, as we understand completely what it is like to be planning a wedding. From finding the right wedding dress for you, to choosing your bridesmaids, and on to choosing a wedding venue for your big day, it is a truly exciting times and a part of your life you will cherish forever. Here, we look at the different considerations you have to make when looking for a wedding venue. Remember, there is no hard and fast rules here, your wedding is solely the choice of you and your partner, and you’ll put together the wedding that fits your needs, desires and budget.

Once you have worked out a brief checklist of what you think you want from a wedding venue, you can begin to look at options and book in viewings with your preferred venues. It is important to remember that many popular wedding venues will be fully booked up for at least a year in advance. Bear this in mind when looking for a wedding venue, and when you start going out on venues. You might not always be able to get the date and venue you want to combine.

Always think of Yourself – Of course, if you have elderly relatives attending your wedding, children, or other vulnerable people, it is important to have them in mind to make sure you choose a venue that is totally accessible for everyone that you want at your wedding day. However, beyond that, you should always go with what is right for you and your partner. Too many times in the past we have heard horror stories about bossy parents and relatives, best friends sticking their noses in and married couples not really getting the wedding day they have envisaged because they’ve compromised on the wedding venue to make other people happy. Always go with what is right for you.

Consider the Necessary Capacity – This point will almost certainly be one of the biggest pointers as to what your eventual wedding venue will be. Sit down and write a long list of every person you would ideally invite to your wedding. From there you’ll have a base number to work from. Each venue will have a specific set maximum capacity, but also a split in terms of how many people can be invited to the ceremony and wedding breakfast, and how many more people can be invited to the party in the night.

Is the Location Right for You? – Some people want a big wedding in a big country house, others want a small affair that is easy for everyone to reach in the centre of a town or city. Again, there is no right or wrong answer here, it will depend on your preference on the type of wedding you wish to have.

Once you have chosen your wedding venue you can breathe a big sigh of relief and start thinking about all the other exciting planning you have to do, including finding a bridal boutique to help you choose your dream wedding dress!

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