Where to Buy Wedding Flip Flops for Cheap?


While weddings and flip-flops may not come together in your imagination, trust us, they are now quite the rage all over. Flip flops have always been associated with casual wear; however, their popularity has reached new heights, with them now being a part of almost any dress code. Gone are the days, too, when weddings would have been a ceremoniously stiff affair with very strong religious sentiments embedded in them. Today the wedding ceremonies are typically more fun and centered around recreation rather than the whole serious aspect of it being sacred.

In which case would a wedding flip flop be considered okay?

If you are planning on walking down the aisle in a long white down and altar boys at the pew, then this is something that you have to avoid. However, if your wedding destination is somewhere along a beach and you plan on your tying your knot near the ocean, then maybe you could opt for these. You also have the option of making all the members in the bridal party wear the same themed ones, and this can create something quite quirky and fun to look back to.

A brief history of weddings and flip flops:

Weddings throughout history have always been rather serious affairs. Starting from the end of the feudal culture in the 18th century, weddings were always officiated by the church in Europe, and this required a few standard rules that had to be kept. Over time, as the 1960s and 70s rolled in, so did greater freedom of speech and expression. People found ways to break out of the typical mold and accepted anything avant-garde for its time. Please enter the whole concept of wedding flip-flops and the popularity that has been associated with them ever since.

What to keep in mind when choosing a pair of flip-flops for yourself?

  • Always ensure that the size is perfect. You would not want something too small or too loose.
  • Make sure the soles are fitted with grooves, improving the grip.
  • Make sure the shoes are made up of good quality rubber that tends to bend more instead of just snapping into two.
  • Ensure that the straps are well-connected to the rest of the slipper.
  • Make sure that the color scheme you choose goes along well with the rest of the attire and decorations.

Wedding flip flops cheap can be found in various stores both online and offline these days. There are plenty of novelty stores that specialize in these types of things and provide options for custom variations as well. Apart from that, a few boutiques might provide you with a much more expensive and fancier option for your special day. These generally come crafted with gems and semi-precious stones and a much nicer finish. So, if you are planning on holding that dream wedding by the sides of the ocean, grab yourself a pair of wedding flip-flops to elevate the whole experience.

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