Why Postcard Save The Dates Are The Right Choice To Save Money And Time


When planning your wedding, there are many expenses to consider and details to keep straight. The one area of your big day that shouldn’t cost you as much money or take up too much time? You save the dates! Instead of lengthy, expensive invitations, send out simple and fast postcards and save the dates to let all of your friends and family know about your upcoming nuptials in no time, at no cost. Here’s how these elegant yet quick wedding invitations can make life easier for you from start to finish.

1) They don’t require envelopes

It saves you time and money! You can print as many or as few cards as you need and have the postcards sent directly to your address. There’s no extra postage required. No more waiting in line at the post office. When someone moves, they won’t lose their invite.

Your guests don’t have to remember to bring an envelope with them when they come over to your house for a party. If you’re sending out lots of invitations, this is great because it will save you so much time from trying to write out all of those addresses on envelopes. If your guest doesn’t live nearby anymore and has moved away, they will still be able to get their invitation in the mail.

If you’re using social media to invite guests, postcards are perfect. You can post your save-the-date templates on Facebook or Instagram and share them with friends right away without having to wait for your invites to arrive in their mailbox a couple of weeks before your party date. If you want something fun and different than just sending out regular old boring cards, these are great! They look very professional, but also fun at the same time.

These are very popular because they give people enough notice that your wedding is coming up soon and give them plenty of time to plan ahead. They make a great keepsake too since some people like to hang onto things like this in scrapbooks or frames. They don’t use up any trees either which means that we’re doing our part for the environment by saving paper and trees.

2) They are cheaper to mail than save the dates with envelopes

The cost of sending a postcard through the mail is much less than sending a save the date wedding postcards with an envelope. In return, you’ll spend more on postage to mail you save the date out to all of your guests. This can be costly, especially for those who are looking to send out many invitations at once or if you’re planning on inviting a large guest list.

You might also want to take into account whether or not it’s appropriate for your wedding guest list. A save-the-date invitation sent in an envelope will often make its way to someone that didn’t attend the wedding.

However, this isn’t really a concern when using postcards as they don’t go in envelopes and therefore won’t be delivered to anyone who doesn’t come to your event. Additionally, there are other costs involved in printing save the dates besides just the price of ink. When printing postcards, you’ll need to pay for paper and printing supplies like pens and glue sticks.

When ordering save the dates online, you’ll have to cover shipping fees. All of these little expenses can add up quickly! By choosing postcards, you avoid having to worry about how much it will cost to ship them and only need to think about how much it would cost to print them.

One reason why we recommend postcards to save the dates is that they are so simple. They require minimal effort and only take up one side of a piece of paper.

They’re perfect for couples that don’t want to invest too much time into designing their invites but still want something elegant. If you’ve been looking around and feel overwhelmed by some of the design options available, then postcards might be right for you.

3) Postcard stamps cost $0.20 less than 1oz stamps

While postcards may not feel as formal as an invitation, the savings of time and money are worth it. It’s also a good idea to print save-the-date postcards on recycled paper so that you can be environmentally conscious and considerate when choosing paper.

In addition, printing your own save-the-date cards will help cut down on costs. If you have any more questions about how to print your own cards or where to get them printed for cheap visit our blog for all the information you need.

We also offer free save-the-date postcards. Simply download our template from our website and then create your card in Microsoft Word. You can then order the prints from a local printer with no setup fees. There is no easier way to create something special for your guests than this!

Here is what one of our templates looks like Download (save) the PDF file to your computer and open it in Microsoft Word.

Add a picture from your personal collection, some clip art if desired, edit text and print it out at home for inexpensive invites or send us an email for affordable invitations that we’ll mail out for you. One great thing about postcards saving the dates is that they are easy to store because they fit right into an A2 envelope and don’t take up much space.

Since they’re small enough to mail via regular first-class service, it’s easy to keep track of addresses without getting overwhelmed. Not only do postcards save you time but they are cheaper than other options because postage rates differ depending on size.

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