3 Tips For Planning A Wedding In A Very Short Period Of Time


While most people take about a year or more to plan their wedding, there may be a reason why you’d want to have your wedding much sooner than that. Maybe your beloved grandparent in their assisted living facility doesn’t have a year left to live or your new spouse will soon be leaving the country for one reason or another. Whatever it may be that’s necessitating a quicker wedding, you’ll be glad to know that it can be accomplished.

To help you see how this can be done for you, here are three tips for planning a wedding in a very short period of time. 

Hire Someone To Help You

If you’re going to be putting a wedding on in just a manner of weeks or months, it can be invaluable to have someone helping you that’s well versed in wedding planning. So even if you hadn’t planned on hiring a wedding planner in the past, a quick wedding might make you want to change your mind. 

With a wedding planner, they’ll know exactly what to do, who to speak to, where to focus your attention, and how to keep you on track so that your wedding can happen just as you want it on the day that you’ve picked. They will help to make sure that nothing gets forgotten and that nothing falls through the cracks. 

Plan The Most Vital Steps First

Whether you’re choosing to work with a wedding planner or not, when you’re trying to get a wedding planned in a very short period of time, you’re going to want to make sure that you get the more important steps nailed down first before you start worrying too much about all of the little details of the wedding. 

One of the most important details to figure out is the marriage laws of the location you’ll be getting married in. Sometimes, there is a waiting period. So before you pick the exact date and start sending out invitations, paying for a venue, and speaking with your vendors, make sure that you’ll absolutely be able to legally get married within the timeframe that you’ve chosen. 

Get Ready To Make Decisions Quickly

When you only have a short time to plan a wedding, you’re going to need to get used to making decisions quickly. You really won’t have time to think too deeply about all of the details of your wedding if you want things to get done. So while it might be hard to trust your gut on things or even delegate some decision making to a trusted friend or loved one, this can make your quick wedding planning process much easier on you. 

If you only have a short time to plan for your upcoming wedding, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you get everything you want in the time that you have. 

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