Wedding Entertainment: Should you Hire a Jazz Band?


As with food and venue, music is an important part of any wedding ceremony. Wedding music sets the event’s tone and makes it memorable. Weddings are events of a lifetime and people will ensure they are perfect. They will spend even a fortune, hire the best vendors, as well as put much time and energy into a wedding. Often, booking a wedding begins months in advance. Wedding music reflects the style and understanding of the couple’s aesthetic pleasure.

Hiring the Right Wedding Band

Most couples prefer to hire live bands for memorable wedding parties over a DJ playing recorded songs. A live band offers exclusivity and personal touch to the wedding atmosphere. That is why couples must pick an experienced band. The best band has professional musicians who play the kind of music that best suits the audience.  They can spontaneously change the music style based on the likings of the audience. They will interact with the audience and fill the event with fun and enjoyment. Also, they will wear attire that is appropriate for the event.

Live Band vs DJ

Typically, a wedding requires as many as 60 songs to be played. A DJ can offer a long list of songs. But, couples who weigh quality over quantity will realize that live bands are worth their money since they can play a wide array of songs. Although DJs simply bring out the songs on the couple’s playlist, live band musicians devote their lives to learning, feeling, and performing the music.

Reasons for Picking a Jazz Band

Weddings are the perfect occasions to allow guests to enjoy each moment and hit the dance floor. Because of this, hiring a jazz band would be a great idea. The band creates a cheerful mood all day and night long. Jazz music features innovation and versatility. An ensemble of bass drums, piano, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, and other instruments make the wedding music vibrant and interesting to listen to. Because there are different kinds of jazz styles, jazz instruments also vary.

How to Pick a Jazz Band

When choosing a jazz band, it’s necessary to take the following into account:

  • Band experience. The best band has a good track record of past performances. Couples must also check the band’s background and reputation. A famous band can become their wedding’s talking point.
  • Cost. Bands vary in terms of their standard fees. Couples should not fall into the cheap fee trap. Reputable bands may cost more than a new band but couples can expect outstanding performances which make the expense worth it.
  • Venue. The spot where the band will play must be considered. If they are playing outdoors, they will require a proper and protective cover. The space they need is often based on the number of members the band has depending on the couple’s requirements.

  • Demonstration. Couples should listen to the demo CDs and video recordings of the band’s previous performances. This will give them an idea of what to expect from the performers at their wedding.
  • Reviews. Feedback from previous couples who hired a live band before will surely help others make a decision. These reviews are usually available on websites that offer anything wedding-related.

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