Choosing the Right Neckline for Your Wedding Dress


From the moment your partner first proposed to you we are sure that you started to imagine what you would look like on your big day. Some of us have had dreams of the perfect wedding, and the perfect wedding dress, since we were little girls, whilst others have never really thought of it until the time comes and are finally getting swept up in the emotion of it all. Choosing a wedding dress is a very personal journey, one that you’ll share with family and loved ones, your maid of honour and your bridesmaids maybe. Booking an appointment for a wedding dress is a crucial part in becoming ready to change your life in the most enjoyable and loving way.

There are, of course, thousands of styles to choose from when it comes to your wedding dress, and many different ways in which you can combine different parts to fit your body and the type of aesthetic you are looking for at your wedding. The two main parts of a wedding dress are the skirt and the neckline, and we’ll take a look at the main neckline options for a wedding dress here.

Strapless A strapless neckline comes in a few different styles and is one of the most popular choices of the modern bride. It fits snugly across the bust and under your arms, and is secured tightly at the back. It is modern, stylish, accentuates a long neck and allows for some beautiful jewellery to be prominent.

Sweetheart A timeless classic, this is a romantic and delicate style where the neckline forms a natural heart shape across the bust. There is a slight dip to show off your cleavage and is the perfect neckline for the bride with a bigger bust, adding a touch of softness and balance to the outfit.

Halter Neck A style that has a high neckline and deep arm holes, with the straps meeting behind the neck in a way that accentuates the shoulders. This is an unusual bridal style, but helps to alleviate problems of ill-fitting strapless dresses forming under the arm in an unsightly manner.

Square A traditional style that is popular with round-hipped and round-faced brides, broadening the shoulders out and providing that formal look, especially when it is paired with long gloves. The angular strapline comes from two straps, with no cross over.

If you have some idea of what type of neckline you would like for your wedding dress, or you are completely unsure and wish to try a few different styles, seek out a bridal dressing room for assistance. From the moment you step through the door after making a wedding dress appointment, you should be completely at ease and helped to choose a style of dress that suits you down to the ground. Make sure you choose the right bridal boutique, and it will make all the difference to how comfortable you’ll feel in your weddings dress. You’ll float down the aisle towards your loved one.

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