Tips for Preparing a Wedding Shoot Consultation Meeting With a Client


It is always good to go prepared for a business meeting, and a consultation meeting with a client is just that. Most of the professional photographers in Houston make notes before they head for a wedding shoot consultation meeting with a potential client. If you are still new to this, here we have shared how to go prepared for a wedding photography consultation meeting with a client.

The consultation meeting

Usually, wedding shoot clients are looking for someone who has sufficient experience, and this is the reason why they prefer hiring professional studios like BLVD Photographer in Houston, TX. So, in order to ensure that you get hired for the job, answer all their questions confidently. If they find you convincing, they will hire you without any hesitation.

To ensure that the meeting goes well, keep the below mentioned points in mind…

  • Know your client – Before you fix a meeting, ask the client to fill a basic info form by going on your website. This will not only give them a chance to see your online portfolio, but you will get to know them a little before meeting them.

  • Try and built a rapport with the client before the meeting – Now, since you have their basic information, and know what they are looking for, try and keep in touch with them via emails. Send them albums of your previous works which match their personal requirements.
  • Take some photos along – Yes, you have already emailed them your previous works, and they must have checked it on your website too, but hard copies are simply more efficient at convincing wedding couples. Besides, they get to see the print quality and touch the final product.
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask – Well, certainly your client will have a long list of questions, but there are some questions which you should ask as well. Think of everything you need to know before you take the job. For instance, ask them about the date, size, venue, and theme of the event. The more you will ask, the more clarity you will have about the job.
  • Discuss your charges – This is obviously an important part, and your clients will appreciate you being clear on this point. So, be calm in your attitude and discuss your charges. Also, if you have any promotional deals convey about it in detail.

Lastly, be prepared as Houston wedding couples have crazy ideas about their wedding photography. Keep in mind, it is their big day, and thus they have complete right to design it the way they want. You definitely should give your expert opinion, but don’t make them feel dominated at any point.

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