Four Things you Should Do When Planning a Vegas Elopement


Las Vegas is a famous wedding destination in the United States. Although the city has what couples need to get married, a lot of people make common mistakes that can have their wedding experience disappeared into thin air. If you are planning to elope in one of the vibrant cities in the world, here are things you should avoid doing to make the most of your plans:

Eloping at the Wrong Season

When planning for a wedding or elopement in Vegas, consider the weather and temperature. Depending on your venue, your big day might be more enjoyable during a cooler month than in the middle of the summer. However, if you want a summer wedding, make sure to plan accordingly. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, consider having it after the heat has passed.

Forgetting About the Marriage License

A lot of people assume they can walk into any place in Las Vegas and tie the knot on the spot. Your marriage can only be made official if you get a marriage license. You can check the requirements at the Clark Country website to ensure you have everything you need to apply.

Planning without a Budget in Mind

When you plan your elopement ceremony and reception, it is to get carried away. That is why you must set a budget you can stick to. This will relieve stress during the planning stage and when it is time to pay your bill.Eloping in Las Vegas with Custom Las Vegas Weddings will help you stick to your budget.

Before your elopement in Vegas, you need to decide on a budget for some items. This way, you can prioritize what you want and where you must splurge or cut back. You must determine how much you want to spend on food, attire, venues, flowers, and photography. If you have this handled properly, you can have a great idea of the number of people you must invite.

Not Prioritizing Headcount

Before booking venues and putting down deposits, ensure you already have an approximate headcount. Although some of your expected guests may not show up or others bring surprise guests, having an approximate headcount will help you pick the venue. This way, you can be sure you pick a venue that has enough space to accommodate all your guests and let them move comfortably while they are in the venue. Also, this will save you money in other ways like food, drinks, chair rentals, and centerpieces.

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