Make Sure You Don’t Make These Mistakes While Choosing A Wedding Venue


When we start planning for a wedding, usually the first thing that we include in the to-do list is selecting the venue. It is in fact, the most important aspect of wedding. Hence, it should be well thought out and not made in haste. You need to pay careful attention to all minute details of the venue.

The following are some common mistakes that you should avoid while choosing a wedding venue

  • Visiting the venue without making appointments – If you do not take an appointment before visiting your potential venue, you may not be able to get a representative who could take up your queries or even get full tour of the premises.
  • Not enquiring about their flexibility on changes to be made if any needed – Before putting down a huge deposit, you should check on things like whether you can make minor changes in the design to fit the way you envisioned your function.
  • Not knowing clearly about the payments and hidden charges – When you do not have a clear understanding of the charges you are most likely to end up paying more for your budget for the wedding venue. You should also ask the management if you would be charged for any damages and for the after-party cleanup as well.

  • Not checking the bathrooms and its maintenance – We often forget to check on the bathroom and its maintenance on the day of the ceremony. This could leave you embarrassed and your guests uncomfortable.
  • Creating the guest list after finalizing the wedding venue – It is important to prepare the guest list first and then decide on the venue so that it fits your guest list and not the other way around.
  • Not tasting the food beforehand   – It is always a good idea to taste the food before so that you don’t regret it on the wedding day.
  • Not having backup plans for change in weather – it could be disastrous if you did not think of an alternative plan for any change of weather such as sudden rain, wind or chill. Heaters, tents or alternative indoor plans should be made available by the venue management.

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The wedding venue will be the epicenter of the whole function; be it the warmth that it gives to your special occasion, the wedding photographs or the comfort of your family and guests. As it is the backdrop of the whole wedding, a good and well-functioning venue is most certainly, the steppingstone to a successful and satisfying wedding planning.

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