How to Plan Serving Beverages on Your Wedding Day Party?


If you want to make your wedding day most memorable and lovely, then one of the best ideas is serving your favorite beverages that might be soft drinks or hard liquor. The First thing you can do is choosing the beverages depending on the choices of your guests and the second thing is that you have to contact expert bartenders. With this, your guests will admire and bless you and your loved one.

If you want extraordinary complete beverage service on your wedding day, then you must contact Sterling Catering & Events in Minneapolis today. They provide professional servers and bartenders, customized beverage services from non-alcoholic to alcoholic drinks for all events at affordable cost. Also, they offer premium drinks, maintenance, glassware, and more for their clients.

Here are some suggestions that help you in choosing the best beverages on your wedding day to make the day great.

Tips to choose the beverages on a wedding day

  • For soft drinkers provide craft sodas, sparkling ciders and waters. Children may enjoy root beer floats that are prepared easily.
  • For guests who are alcoholic you have to follow some rules and regulations. You have to visit the venue before wedding whether it is legal on the day in your state to pour drinks.
  • Plan the wine of different flavors and suitable to your food menu.
  • Estimate how an average guest will intake and plan accordingly. For great crowd, a 15.5 gallon equals 164 twelve-ounce servings.
  • Premium quality drinks including Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are suitable for different foodies.
  • You can create fun without much expense by maintaining a Champagne bar with no-host and filled with fresh fruits, liquors, juices, bubbles and cake.
  • Fill the dining with wine bottles and ping a sweet note for guests.
  • You can go online for signature cocktails of many flavors that are popular like First Kiss, Blushing Bride and Happily Ever After.
  • The palette color of the wedding should sink with the e signature cocktail like mango, raspberry lavender and more.
  • Evening should end with refreshments like coffee and liquors.
  • Serving craft beer is good for beer lovers.
  • Bottle openers and ice tub maintenance are mandatory.

If you want to maintain your budget properly you can use calculate the drinks to estimate how much drinks are necessary to serve guests. If your party is going great with crowd purchase the high-quality beverages from the best vendors to treat your guests.

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