Working With Minneapolis Wedding Caterers: Ask These Questions!


Guests at a wedding may forget the décor, venue and other things, but they always remember good food and entertainment. If you are planning your wedding in Minneapolis, one of the first tasks is to select a caterer that you can rely on. There are numerous options for Minneapolis weddings, and in this post, we are sharing all you need to know about selecting a caterer for your event.

Ask the basic questions

  • How long have you been in business? Experience is an important aspect for selecting wedding catering providers, and we recommend that you choose a service that can be relied upon. For example, some caterers have handled more than 5,000 events, and that says a lot about expertise.
  • Tell us about your best clients. You know you have selected a good catering service if they have managed some of the biggest events in Minneapolis and have prolific clientele. You can expect to hear stories about their top guests.

  • Which areas do you serve? Find a caterer who works in the Twin Cities area and have arranged for weddings in popular venues in Minneapolis. This just ensures that they have the necessary flexibility to manage your wedding.
  • What kind of food do you serve? Weddings is also a lot about culture and serving the right food, so you need to know if the caterer can respect and work in accordance to that. Ask for sample menus and don’t shy away from discussing the prices. What you include in the menu is what you will pay for, and there is no harm in asking for suggestions.
  • Can you provide a clear estimate? You need to know the estimate of the catering service in advance, and do ask how much of it is to be paid in advance. Caterers may arrange for a sampling for an extra charge, which is again worth paying for, considering that you will be getting a fair idea of what to expect on the big day.

Finally, if you need to know a Minneapolis caterer better, do get references and call some of their previous clients. Sampling should be a mix of appetizers and meals. In the region, you want to include at least some form of BBQ food, which is usually what people expect at weddings, and ask for buffer services, so that the guests can actually enjoy the food being served, even when you have orders for plate meals.

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