Makeup Trends 2021


The previous year has been a total bummer because, hey, most of the trends had to hide. With so many unpredictable things happening, it is very natural to be confused. But the best part about all the things was that many people finally took an interest in makeup.

Not everybody can keep up with makeup trends because they’re just too hard to follow. Eventually, we have become so comfortable in our own skins that makeup seems to be distant to many of us. At the same time, makeup is something all of us are embracing, and it’s one of the main things we need to look forward to.

While we already have an entire table laid out for us, it is very natural for us to be confused in choosing what we want exactly. The pros in the industry know what they want, and hence, they will look forward to choosing one accordingly. According to experts at The Styling Stewardess here are some of the tips that you will need to look forward to

Expressive Eyes

There’s nothing better than expressive eyes. If you’re a beauty fan, you probably know how much different eye makeup can bring to your entire look. Well, not everyone is lucky enough to pull off the expressive eyes game.

We have been very expressive with our eyes because they are the windows to our personality. Well, experimenting with eyes can turn out to be extremely fun. Hence, you should really be looking forward to creating expressive eyes and not miss out on the magic of textures and colourful lines.

Nostalgic Makeup

Nostalgic makeup is one of the most prominent trends to look forward to. We have all been there, and we have all done that. Soft and pale pink has been our favourite in recent times, but colours like white, green and even graphic designs are likely to take over essentials.

In the midst of hugging the nostalgic look, many makeup artists are also trying out the shimmery look. The inclusion of mattes and everything subtle has been playing in favour of the look. Want the perfect eyeball look? Why don’t you try out some nostalgic makeup? If you’re opting for nostalgic makeup, you will need to join your hands with experts only.

Natural foundation

This is one of those looks that will never go anywhere. The full-coverage foundation has been one of the most prominent trends everywhere. However, it completely depends on how you’re applying the foundation. The natural foundation can play an important role for you in retaining natural features like moles, freckles, varied tones and more. When you opt for a natural foundation from experts, you can always expect the best results.

Uplifting colour

The shades do a great job in terms of uplifting colour. If you want to try out shades that you have never tried before, uplifting them would be one of the best choices you can make. There’s going to be a huge spectrum for colour upliftment in 2021, and you shouldn’t miss out on that.

Check out the standards, and the trends will eventually follow.

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