Why Maple Syrup Makes the Perfect Wedding Gift


From kitchen utensils to appliances and sets of dishes, there are many gifts you can get for people who are tying the knot. But, these are standard gifts and if you want yours to be extra special, you want to get something that stands out from the rest.

If you have a friend or family member who is getting married, you don’t have to be stuck trying to find the perfect wedding gift. There are many reasons pure maple syrup from Delices Erable et cie and maple syrup products make the perfect wedding gift. These include the following:

Take the Breakfast in Bed Idea to the Next Level

As your friend or loved one gets back from their honeymoon, they may be bummed it is over. So, why not give them something that makes their weekend mornings seem like they are still on a special trip? Think about a maple syrup and buttermilk pancake mix gift box. They can use this gift a few times over to make their weekend breakfast in bed. The pack comes with whatever they need to whip up mouth-watering pancakes slathered in pure maple syrup without making them from scratch.

Maple Syrup Products can be Personalised

Maple syrup products are available that can be used to make a personalised gift basket. For example, make a unique gift basket filled with maple bacon lollipop, maple syrup jelly beans, maple cotton candy, and other sweet treats. Just add in a bottle of pure maple syrup, wildflower honey, and maple syrup barbeque sauce to create a memorable wedding gift that continues to give.

Maple Syrup can be Given as an Add-On Gift

For newly-wed couples, buying items on gift registries and gift certificates make awesome gifts. But, you can also give them maple syrup as an add-on gift to accompany your gift card or registry item. This lets you give them something unique such as a pure maple syrup-filled jar and maple syrup coffee. This will add a nice personal touch instead of just giving your friend or family member a gift card.

Maple Syrup is Perfect for the Sweet Tooth

Unique wedding gifts like maple syrup and maple syrup products are great for people with a sweet tooth. Together with all maple syrup sweet treats such as maple syrup taffy, melt-in-your-mouth pure hard candy, and maple drops, you can buy rich and flavourful maple cream to use in place of butter. Also, the newlyweds can use maple syrup in place of refined sugar.

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