Wedding Videography Techniques – How to Include Music With Your Video


Wedding videography is a video recording that records a wedding live from a wedding ceremony. The final output of the videographer’s recording is commonly known as a wedding video. It is also sometimes known as a wedding video or a wedding video record. Regardless of the name, it is a recording of a wedding that will eventually be watched by people either way – on TV, in the DVD player at home, or even on the Internet.

Wedding videography differs from conventional film footage in many ways, the main being its high quality and the special features it includes. Wedding video cinematography incorporates many of today’s cutting-edge techniques, which were first developed for other kinds of film, not necessarily for capturing wedding ceremonies.

Reverent Wedding Films often includes the use of DVR technology, but some filmmakers choose to keep the traditional film method since it allows them to keep all of the historical footage they have gathered over the years. The wedding video is usually very detailed, with lots of special moments.

There are two different types of wedding videography. One is the “live-action” type, where the videographer shoots everything that happens during the wedding day as it happens, using a combination of stills and interviews with guests and the bridal party. Live-action is usually the best kind of wedding videography because the videographers have more control over things and can get creative with their shots.

It also adds an element of reality to the event, since the videographers don’t have to rely on memory from a previous take, since everything is caught on camera.

Another style of wedding videography involves editing – making extra moments sneak into the wedding reception and beginning to tell the story of the wedding, as well as editing the wedding ceremony and moments right after the vows are exchanged.

This style is less hands-on with the actual events, but still includes some creativity with the photography and editing. Videographers who prefer live-action feel the most pressure to capture the moment as it happens. Editing moments afterward helps to smooth out the transitions, so that the audience can better understand what was happening at certain points in the ceremony.

Many couples choose wedding videography over traditional film methods because of its artistic nature. Videographers are skilled at visualizing the special moments in a way that tells a story or puts the audience into the story. They know how to use editing to put together the pieces of the puzzle that make up the special day.

They can also pick the moments that will be most memorable for the couples. Many couples are surprised to see just how much editing goes into a normal wedding video, and this style of filmmaking is often very enjoyable for the couple to watch.

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