5 Great Tips for Choosing a Good Wedding Planner


A dream wedding is among the most crucial milestones for many couples. On this day, they celebrate love, tie the knot, and make their dreams come true.

However, planning a beautiful wedding entails many decisions and details, making it exciting and overwhelming. This is where a Tuscany wedding planner comes in handy. To help you choose the best wedding planner, the following are tips to look at:

1.      Consider the Fees and Your Budget

As a couple, you must ensure you choose a planner who fits your budget. So, before you commit to any wedding planner, it would be best to confirm that you and your spouse are on the same page with the cost of wedding planning services.

Decide how much to spend and find a wedding planner with that pricing model. If you want a specific package with the option of adding it later, ensure you look for a wedding planner with that customizable pricing model.

2.      Look at the Experience

Everything is possible, but experience contributes to that. When a wedding planner has enough experience, they will be knowledgeable to handle challenges.

Remember, every wedding isn’t the same. Some are held locally, while others are done abroad. This is why looking for a planner capable of bridging international expectations is crucial.

3.      Check the Planning Style

If you are a full-time and busy employee working from Monday to Friday or have a 9-5 job, you have to ensure you look for a planner with a very flexible weeknight or weekend schedule so as to accommodate meetings outside the working hours.

If you also have a different time zone with the planner, you must ensure they can comfortably accommodate meetings early in the morning or late at night. The last thing you want is to put your life on hold when you want to discuss something with your planner.

4.      Have a Look at the Portfolio

The portfolio of a potential wedding planner acts as a calling card. So, you might want to take your time to explore their current and previous work.

If you have time, visit the planner’s official website and Instagram page to look at their best projects and highlights.

Remember, some planners specialize in elopements and intimate destination weddings, whereas others specialize in an opulent wedding celebration with thousands of guests. Therefore, look at the previous projects with the same vibe and tone as your dream wedding.

5.      Consider the Communication Skills

Effective communication is an important part of successfully planning a wedding. This is why looking at the planner’s response time between when you text, email, or call and when they revert back is important.

Is the planner too busy to attend to you? Does it take them long to respond to your calls/texts/emails? If they do, then you need to look for another wedding planner. The best planner must give you updates and respond on time.

Choosing the best wedding planner is crucial. But keep in mind that you call the shots – it’s your big day, and the wedding planner is there to give you a hand. So, ensure you choose someone who will ensure your dream comes true.

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