Selecting A Wedding Reception Venue: Check For These Things!


Planning your wedding reception can be an overwhelming experience – from sorting the guest list and invites, to finding a good venue and catering service. The wedding reception venue can make or break the event. If you need help with wedding planning in Minneapolis and are looking for a venue, here are the top factors to consider.

  • Location matters. Your wedding reception venue needs to be accessible and located at a convenient place. Keep in mind that you would want guests to attend the event, so don’t select a place that’s too far away from the city, unless you are ready to make arrangements for travel.
  • Check for parking. Guests need to park their cars, and you cannot take that for granted, especially when the location is an uptown one. For instance, if you are inviting 100 people, ensure that there is enough parking for at least 30-40 cars. Also, check if there is space for covered and valet parking.

  • Open space is always good. For wedding receptions, it is always better to rent a venue that has an open area. A patio or deck could be great for dancing session, while the garden can be arranged for gala dinner. Of course, the weather needs to be considered for that.
  • Check for packages. If you are on a strict budget, you might do better with a package. Many planners and venues have ready packages that you can consider for the price, depending on the services you want.
  • Get the list of dos and don’ts. Some wedding reception venues do not allow caterers and decorates from outside, or you may have to select from their list of vendors. This is an important aspect to consider, more so because it determines the extent of customization you can do for the event.

Getting estimates

Various factors determine the cost of a wedding reception venue, but do get an estimate in advance. Keep in mind that many managers promise great things when you check to see the venue, but these things must be mentioned on paper. Don’t shy away from asking questions, and ensure that you are aware of all charges that are involved, including the extras. Also, the costs need to mention all the relevant exclusions too.

Check at least a few wedding reception venues before you select one, and make sure to visit at least twice before the big day.

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